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 Dry Skin Brushing

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This option also works wonders to enhance lymphatic circulation. Take a skin brush with soft bristles and rub it over your body, always in the direction of the heart. Pay more attention towards your arms and thighs which store cellulite, and brush in gentle, upward strokes. Carry out this routine for five minutes every day, just before you shower. Apart from helping improve blood and lymph flow, this is an ideal way to get rid of the skin of dead cells and promote new cell formation.

Other methods of lymphatic drainage are using an anticellulite machine and pressotherapy.

Anticellulite Machines
Different types of machines are available to remove cellulite by using various methods. One kind of machine uses suctioning power to pull the skin in various directions, which ultimately leads to lymph circulation and drainage. Yet another produces a lot of heat, which assists in the breakdown of the fatty tissues. There are even some which come fitted with a certain type of massager, and massaging the cellulite-filled areas of the body in circular motions helps enhance lymphatic flow, leading to drainage of toxins and waste materials.
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Dry Skin Brushing
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