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 Severe Mood Swings

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Las Divinas
Las Divinas

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Right from intense anger to being weepy over trivial matters, pregnant women go through it all. A passing phase, it can turn a usually easygoing woman into someone people would not want to mess with! On the other hand, small matters of not much emotional significance may see them sobbing for no apparent reason. No prizes for guessing who the culprit is. The raging hormones, of course!

Ways to Keep Your Emotions in Check
Take your partner, close friends, and doctor into confidence and talk to them if you feel you are being overly emotional about anything. Don't think too much about anything, it might get you upset unnecessarily, making matters worse. Take it easy.

Though these side effects can definitely put you in an uncomfortable situation, you must remember these will not last forever, and once your baby is born, you will soon forget about them. Do not bother yourself about what others might think, it will be of no help. Follow a healthy diet, take your prescribed prenatal vitamins, exercise, and get plenty of sleep and rest (it will be a rarity once the baby arrives!). Do not hesitate to confide in your obstetrician/gynecologist or close friends (who have gone through this phase) about things that bother you, they are the best people who can guide you and offer sound advice. For all you know, down the road, you might even have a good laugh over these matters, or offer practical advice to friends going through a similar phase. Above all, stay happy and keep up a positive outlook for a happy and healthy pregnancy!
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Severe Mood Swings
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