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 King of Pop

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Born on August 29th, 1958 in Gary, Indiana, Michael Jackson had entered the world to transform it entirely: he would become the King of Pop and his music would inspire millions to care for the ecology and world issues such as homelessness and hunger. Michael began his walk to fame and stardom in the Jackson 5 when his abusive father would force him and his brother to rehearse for ungodly hours to get an act down that he considered superb. While spending time as a five, six and seven year old child in seedy bars and strip clubs performing, Jackson may not have known that he'd wind up becoming the King of Pop. In 1968 however, Jackson was signed along with the rest of the Jackson 5 to Motown records after Gladys Knight had put in a good word for them after they opened for her one show. With the Jackson 5, Michael got his first taste of stardom with the bubblegum pop songs of the early ‘70's "ABC" and "I'll Be There". Jackson went on to start a solo career years after when Motown had differing opinions on the direction the Jackson 5 than most of the band members. The King of Pop signed to Destiny records with most of the other band mates while Jermaine Jackson was the only one to stay with Motown. Michael carried the newly formed "Jacksons" and continued his solo career with Destiny.
Jackson's early solo career hits included "Billy Jean" and "Beat It". These two songs propelled a formerly cute and innocent perception of the King of Pop into a brazen image of manhood. Jackson embraced the "bad boy" image and kept up with it when he recorded the album Bad which featured the self-titled track and also "Man in the Mirror" which became immensely popular as well. During this period of time, Michael began facing another tragedy: a rare skin condition had begun turning his dark complexion to a pale, near albino white one. Many speculations and rumors circled that he had been bleaching his skin to look white, but, the King of Pop dispelled these rumors in a 1994 interview with Oprah Winfrey during the halftime show of the Super Bowl. From the late ‘80's up until that interview, Jackson released a book entitled Moonwalk which revealed his father as abusive and also touched on the subject of his disease.
The King of Pop met his untimely end on June 25th, 2009 when an overdose on prescription medication took his life. Michael Jackson's death has been embroiled in conspiracy theory though family and friends are pursuing every avenue of 3rd party blame that they can while coming up with no solid proof. In Michael's second book published in 1992, Dancing the Dream, poems and drawings and essays from the King of Pop leant a view into what his life was like. For the real truth about Michael Jackson, the best sources to read from and study are the King of Pop's own words.
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King of Pop
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