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 Top 10 Fart Games

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Farting can be a fun and thrilling activity if you are careful not to offend anyone. Here are the top 10 fart games that you can play when you are feeling gassy.

No.10) Bubble Bath
This game is one of the oldest in the books for fart games. Fill up the tub with some nice warm water. Take a bath and provide your own bubbles.

No. 9) Elevator Stink Bomb
You can play this game two different ways. The first way and most recommended way is when you are leaving the elevator. Let off a toot right before you leave the elevator to give the people getting on a whiff of your scent. The other way you can play this game is when you are already in the elevator, let off some gas and watch the reaction of the others on the elevator with you. If you play this game the second way, you need to be careful that you do not do a loud fart and that the elevator is crowded or else you might find yourself getting assaulted by someone that does not find it as funny as you do. A humorous twist for this game is to look at a person on the elevator with you in a funny way, as if that was the person that let out the fart. If that particular person is of foreign decent from you, you may hear some banter in another language between that person and their group.

No. Cool Airplane Snooze
The way this game is played is easy. When you are on the airplane and feel some gas approaching, pretend to go to sleep and let out the fart. As the person or people around you smell the fart you can notice them looking around out of the corner of your eye wondering where the smell is coming from.

No. 7) Pillow Ninja
One pillow, one butt, one or more farts. Apply your butt to the pillow of the person you want to play this game with. Fart on their pillow with your butt. When that person lays on their pillow, your fart will seep out and they will smell your fart. A bare butt is the most effective for fart absorption from the pillow but if more than a fart comes out of your butt you risk staining the pillow or giving the person that owns that pillow an eye infection.

No. 6) Undercover Darling
This is a game for you and your significant other that you share a bed with. When you are both in bed under the covers, let out your fart and pull the covers over the head of the other person. Just be sure to not keep the covers over the other persons head for too long or you might end up sleeping on the couch.

No. 5) Crowd Control
Nobody likes crowded places (or stinky ones for that matter). The next time you find yourself in a crowded place, look around you and see where you want to go and then walk around letting out your farts in strategically located areas around your desired destination. Before you know it the place you are at is not so crowded anymore.

No. 4) Flame Torch
An open flame and a fart is all that you need to play this game. Be careful to not burn your butt or other items around you.

No. 3) Gas Chamber
This is a game for your car, preferably if you are the driver. Have gas, check. Power windows locked, check. Ignition, check... You will notice when you play this game that your passenger or passengers may not notice the smell. You may have to entice them to notice the smell by saying something like... hey, that smells like chicken. Be sure to have a finger on the power window lock when you play this game or the gas chamber may turn into the vomit chamber!

No. 2) Next In Line
This is a game similar to crowd control but more specific to that person hogging the arcade game you want to play or other item that is not being shared. To play this game, you want to let out the fart and walk away before that person notices that it was you that left them the unpleasant aroma. Someone that is not sharing will not be happy to give up their position for some fresh air.
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Top 10 Fart Games
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