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 How to Hang a Heavy and Large Clock

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There is no doubt that antique wall clocks add a charm to your home, but the task of hanging such clocks may not be as interesting as the clock, as they are usually big and heavy. I have also seen a few models of contemporary clocks which are on par with the antique pendulum clocks, in terms of size and weight. If you do not hang such heavy clocks securely, then there is a great possibility that they might just fall off the wall.

How to Hang a Heavy Wall Clock?

The type of your wall determines how you hang the clock. To make it easy for you to comprehend, I have made the following sections:

If You Have a Masonry Wall
Here is the list of the things that you will need:

* Pencil
* Drill
* Metal screw anchor
* Screw
* Screwdriver
* Hammer

Finalize the position of the clock, and mark the spot with a pencil. Drill a hole (using a drill bit of the appropriate size) at the marked spot, and insert the screw anchor in that hole. Use a hammer to tap the head of the anchor so that it goes into the hole. Now, take the screw (should be long enough), and place it in the anchor. Secure the screw firmly using a screwdriver. See that you leave some part (roughly 1.5 cm) of the screw outside that wall to hang the clock. Once you have done that, inspect whether the screw is secure. You can try jerking the screw, if it comes out, then repeat the entire process of fixing the screw. If you feel that the screw won't budge, then carefully hang the clock.

If You Have a Wall With Wooden Studs
You will need the following things:

* Stud finder
* Pencil
* Hammer
* Long nail

The position that you choose to hang the wall clock should be supported by a stud. To check whether you have a stud at the location of your choice, you can use a stud finder. Once you have fixed a location, mark it. Now, position the nail on the spot, and use a hammer to drive it inside the stud. About 2 cm of the nail should stick out from the wall. Hoick the nail, ensure that it is fastened to the wall, and then hang the clock.

If You do not Like Any Spot Near the Stud
Sometimes you may like a spot, which is not supported by a stud. You may feel that compromising that position will considerably reduce the appeal of the clock. In such a situation, you will have to hang the clock on the drywall. Here are the things that you will require:

* Drill
* Screw anchor
* Screw
* Screwdriver
* Hammer

Use a hammer to drive the screw anchor (not necessarily metal) at the desired spot. Insert the screw into the anchor, do leave 2 cm of the screw outside. Once the screw is attached firmly to the wall, hang the clock.

If You Have a Wood Wall
You will only need a few things in this case, they are:

* Pencil
* Wooden screw
* Screwdriver

Mark the position to hang the wall clock with a pencil. Take the wooden screw and inspect it. Once you have made sure that the screw is strong, drive it into the position marked on the wooden wall, using a screwdriver, leave some part of the screw head outside the wall. Make sure that you check whether the screw is secure, before you hang the clock.

If you feel that the clock is too heavy for you to lift, then ask someone to help you out when you hang it on the wall. Do not finish your work in a hurry, or else you will not find the clock where you hung it!
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How to Hang a Heavy and Large Clock
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