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 Benefits of Compression Socks

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Benefits of Compression Socks   29/08/11, 12:49 pm

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Compression socks are significantly different from regular socks. They are specially designed to provide support and aid in blood circulation. The material used to make compression socks is a specific hosiery material that is capable of providing the 'grip' on the leg. Compression socks look similar to other socks but their utility and benefits are far better than others. Even though they are better, they cannot be used for regular purposes. In fact, their usage is advised only in some conditions.

The theory behind the working of compression socks is pressure application. In normal conditions, blood is uniformly distributed all over the body, which returns back to the heart through veins. Veins have valves that aid in the movement of blood towards the heart but, when the valves do not function properly, it leads to improper back-flow of blood to the heart. Certain medical conditions or gravitational effect result in pooling of blood in the feet, causing pain and edema. Raising legs to a higher level provides some relief but the pain reoccurs after some time. Compression socks facilitate in back-flow of blood by exerting maximum pressure near the ankles which is reduced towards the knee. Compression brings the veins to their normal diameter aiding in blood flow towards the heart thus, providing relief to the person. Various benefits of compression socks are discussed below.

For Shin Splints
Shin splints or Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome is caused due to over-use of the shin bone or tibia. Excessive usage of the bone leads to stress, resulting in bone irritation. Runners and athletes often suffer from this injury as their practice includes running on hard surfaces. When suffering from shin splints, runners complain of pain in the inner side of the bone while exercising and post workout sessions. Scientifically, it has not been proved that compression socks for shin splints can be a useful solution however, athletes say they do feel better when they wear them. It is advisable to choose the best compression socks for shin splints to handle the condition in a better way.

For Venous Disorders
It is stated that 40% men and 50% women develop venous problems at some stage in their lives. Compression socks can be used as a preventive measure against developing venous disorders. Use of these socks, immediately improve circulation of blood in the legs thus, relieving pain and swelling. Use of these socks also prevent the development of serious complications like formation of blood clots deep in the veins.

For Runners and Athletes
Compression socks were initially designed to facilitate blood circulation in diabetics. Later on, they were used in other areas as well. Nowadays, runners and athletes prefer to wear compression socks during training or marathons when their legs will be in continuous rigorous motion. Compression socks improve blood circulation in the legs and help them in running faster for long period of time. Their use helps in decreasing lactic acid formation in the leg muscles and reduces cramping. As the socks help in retaining the muscle energy for a longer time, the overall efficiency of the runner is increased.

For Travel
Flights can make you sit in one position for long period of time. Due to this, fluid is built up in the leg muscles and surrounding tissues, causing swelling and pain on standing. Using compression socks for travel is a good option to prevent swelling of the muscle tissue and reduce any pain and inflammation that might have developed during the flight. One can always wear compression socks during long flights to escape from facing this problem.

The main reason behind pain and swellings of the legs is poor blood circulation. Compression socks aim to solve this problem by using pressure therapy and keep the leg muscles energized. Some people inherit this problem from their parents and they also need to use these socks to get relief from the symptoms. Increased awareness of compression socks has motivated several manufacturers to produce this product. One can always choose from the variety available in the market and reap its benefits. Take care!
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Benefits of Compression Socks
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