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 Top 10 Fitness and Workout Myths

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Top 10 Fitness and Workout Myths   28/08/11, 04:15 pm

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It is not only stupid but funny sometimes to come across tons of advice regarding exercising and fitness. People who are ignorant about these things, easily fall prey to such fitness myths. However, those who have some knowledge about the same, simply laugh it off. Yes, it is funny, there are people who think, that the morning is the best time to workout, you mean the evening is not! How stupid does it even sound. What has your workout regime got to do with when you practice it during the entire course of the day.

There is another funny myth most people believe which says exercising even if you like it or not is the only way you can get in shape. Get a life! If you don't like it don't do it. There are numerous other physical activities you can engage yourself in, be it a sport you like, yoga, aerobics, or even dancing. This Buzzle article unveils the truth behind all these workout myths. I have listed down the top 10 fitness and workout myths and even mentioned the verity of the same. Take a look.

Fitness and Workout Myths
#1 Myth: You tend to put on double the weight if you stop working out.
Truth: This kind of advice in the first place keeps most of the people away from even starting a workout program. The actual problem is we continue to eat as much as we used to when we exercised without burning these calories. Hence, the fats keep accumulating in our body making us fat. It is important to alter your diet according to your activity, which only helps boost your metabolic activity. Workout is not only restricted to attending the gym, if you do not find time to hit the gym use the staircase in your work place, or walk some distance. The point is any kind of exercise is better than no exercise.
#2 Myth: If you don't feel sore the next day, you haven't exercised enough.
Truth: It is good in case you feel sore following the day of workout, however, not feeling sore after a workout may not necessarily mean you haven't exercised enough. The factors you have to be concerned about are productivity and intensity of the workout. Initially you tend to feel sore after a workout, but once your body gets used to the workout regime, you're less likely to feel sluggish and sore. So, stop worrying if you are not feeling sore or worked out and concentrate on the technique, intensity and productivity.
#3 Myth: By doing crunches or other abdominal workouts you will be able to achieve a flat stomach.
Truth: Firstly, doing crunches or any kind of abdominal exercises will strengthen your core muscle, which is definitely good in the long run. Secondly, there is nothing like spot reduction. You will lose belly fat at a steady pace and that will happen only when you lose overall body fat rather than targeting at any certain part of your body.
#4 Myth: The best time to exercise is in the morning.
Truth: This I am sure comes from some lazy people. Come on! There is nothing like morning is the best time or evening is the best, all you have to do is you fix up a specific time and hit the gym accordingly, sincerely and regularly. By actually attending gym or doing your exercises at a specific time everyday; you are only going to allow your body to recover from the workout intensity you put it through.
#5 Myth: Running burns more calories than walking.
Truth: The difference between running and walking is the intensity of each of the activities. Running will give your heart a better workout by increasing the heart rate. However, running and walking burn the same amount of calories per mile. So, the bottom line being it is the distance and intensity that matters, not the activity.
#6 Myth: If you are sweating, you are losing weight.
Truth: Sweating is just a way of losing body water, therefore it is important you keep yourself hydrated during the workout regime. It helps in maintaining the body's salt and water balance. So, sweating is not losing weight, instead losing body water, which has to be replaced. Of course sweating involves strenuous workout sessions, which ultimately leads to weight lose.
#7 Myth: Exercising even if you like it or not, is the only way to get in shape.
Truth: If you don't enjoy a certain type of exercise, don't do it. Modify your exercises, so that you enjoy what you are doing. Don't simply slug through it because you feel this is the only way to get in shape. There is nothing like this is the best activity and this is not; the best workout regime is what you enjoy! If you don't like the monotony of the gym workouts, engage yourself in a sport or some other physical activity you enjoy.
#8 Myth: Exercising on an empty stomach will produce better results.
Truth: This is the last thing you would ever want to do. And if you have been practicing this or encourage this advice, you are indirectly abusing your body. Yes! It is important that you at least have a mini meal half an before you hit the gym. Eating something will give you that instant energy during exercising and will not lead to any stomach upset or anything similar.
#9 Myth: If you exercise, it is important to include a massive serving of proteins in your diet.
Truth: No doubt proteins are building blocks of our body and you should be resorting to a good amount of it after every workout session or in your daily diet. However, too much of it can disturb the metabolism, cause nutritional imbalance, dehydration and strain the kidneys. Active should look for a 20-25 percent of total calories from proteins in their daily diet.
#10 Myth: Working out at home will not give the desired results as compared to going to the gym.
Truth: Gym workouts are associated with a series of trendy exercises and equipment. But, if you have a fixed home-based exercise routine, bravo! I believe the best thing about exercising is that you have to be a self starter and self motivator to stick to a regular and sincere workout regime. And if you are practicing this, nothing like it! You just have to make sure that your exercises are performed in the right technique and you pick up exercises that suit your body type.
We are bombarded with numerous exercise tips and advice, however, the point is to engage yourself in some physical activity in your day-to-day lives. Always remember, enjoy working out as that would double the effect of your exercising, and most important if you enjoy something, you won't find an excuse to skip it!
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Top 10 Fitness and Workout Myths
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