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 Secondary Infertility

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Sandra had her first baby five years back and from last 6 months she and her husband are trying to have another baby. She is going to be 35 next month and their inability to conceive has made them frustrated and depressed. Both of them consulted a gynecologist and found out that Sandra has secondary infertility. The treatments are going on and hope they will get their second baby soon.

Secondary fertility is not an isolated problem faced by individuals like in the instance above. There are almost 1 million couples who are suffering from this problem. Both men and women can have secondary infertility which can be emotionally disturbing. So, the question is what is secondary infertility? It is the inability of the body to conceive even though a person may have one or more kids before. Many people go in a state of shock and get highly disturbed and depressed after finding that they are not capable of having any more kids. In this Buzzle article we will find out the possible causes behind this condition and some of the treatments.

Causes of Secondary Infertility

There are many possible causes for secondary infertility. Most of the causes of secondary infertility are similar to the primary infertility. Following are some of infertility causes in women and men.

Infertility in Women

* One of the most common causes of infertility whether secondary or primary is the age. After the age of 35 conceiving becomes little difficult. Usually after the first baby, the couple tries to give it some time and then after they are of a considerable age they plan for the next baby which usually happens in the thirties and early forties. The increasing age decreases the possibility of conceiving a baby.
* There may be the formation of a cyst due to endometriosis which can cause damage to the uterus or fallopian tube.
* Polycystic ovaries or polycystic ovarian syndrome which causes ovulation disorders can also be considered responsible for infertility.
* Sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia can also be one of the secondary infertility causes in women.
* Previous ectopic pregnancy may cause damage to the fallopian tube which in turn makes conceiving difficult.
* Fibroids may cause problems in the implantation of the egg in the uterus.
* Lack of cervical mucus which helps in the mobility of the sperm may cause problems in the fertilization of egg.

Infertility in Men

* In males also, increasing age can be responsible for infertility. After the age of 35, the fertility rate decreases in men.
* Low sperm count can be one of the major reasons behind infertility.
* In some cases the sperms die or are unable to swim which makes the fertilization impossible or difficult.
* Some hormonal disorders and diseases may cause autoimmune response in which the body develops anti-bodies against the sperms and kill them.
* Problems of erection and ejaculation may also be a reason behind the infertility.
* Due to illness, poor diet and changing lifestyle there may be decrease in the sperm quality which causes infertility.

Treatments for Secondary Infertility

If you are trying to conceive for at least a year through regular intercourse and you are going to be 35 soon, then it's time to consult a doctor as the reason must be secondary fertility. Doctor may recommend you some blood tests and reproductive tests for the confirmation of the condition and to find out the reason behind infertility. Treatment for secondary infertility will totally depend upon the causes behind it. Following are some of the treatments which may be adopted by the doctor in order to get the problem of infertility solved.

* You may be recommended for laparoscopy to remove fibroid and cysts formations inside the uterus or fallopian tube.
* Women who are facing problems with the irregular ovulation may be given drugs which may help with proper ovulation.
* IUI or intrauterine insemination method may be used in which the sperm are injected inside the woman's body at the time of ovulation. This is very beneficial when the males have the problems of sperm mobility, erection and ejaculation. This increases the possibility of fertilization.
* IVF treatment (In-Vitro Fertilization) is very helpful in overcoming the situation of secondary infertility. In this, the egg and sperm are fertilized in the laboratory and once it starts developing, it is placed in the uterus of the woman.

These were some of the causes and treatments for secondary infertility. If the couple is still unable to conceive then both the partners should support each other to overcome this situation. One of the best ways to fill this emptiness is by adopting a baby. By this you will give a home to a child, a sibling to your kid and you will get all the happiness of having more kids.
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Secondary Infertility
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