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 Growth Hormone Injections

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Human Growth Hormone (HGH), also known as somatotropin, stimulates growth of human beings by multiplication of cells. The hormone belongs to the peptide group and is secreted by the pituitary gland. With advent of biotechnology, growth hormone is today synthesized in the lab by the technique of recombinant DNA technology. Earlier, it was extracted from human pituitary glands and the process became controversial due to various ethical issues. Growth hormone injections, being used for the purpose of hormone therapies have been approved by FDA in the year 2004. Today, they are widely being used for treatment of growth hormone deficiencies in both and children.

Growth Hormone Injections for Children

Growth hormone deficiency in children can occur due to innumerable reasons. The hormone deficiency is more often attributed to genetic factors. It leads to short height and improper development of various parts of the body. Kids have short stature, as the pituitary gland fail to secrete adequate amount of hormone required by the body. HGH deficiency in children might also be an acquired factor. Damage to pituitary gland due to accidents and exposure to radiation, ceases secretion of growth hormone. The other reasons being brain tumor, kidney failure, diabetes, cancer, lack of oxygen during birth and auto immune disorders. Children suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome, AIDS, Idiopathic Short Stature and Turner syndrome also suffer from growth hormone deficiency.

Growth hormone injection target the receptors cells and trigger the signal transduction pathway of the body. The hormone then acts in two cycles. The first cycle is the direct cycle where the hormone directly binds to the receptor cells and the second being the indirect, where the hormone is released in pulses when the child begins to sleep. It is then converted to insulin like growth factor type 1 (IGF-1) that brings about the desired effect. The synthetic hormone administered through injections, helps in linear growth and bone maturation if his/her pituitary gland is not functioning normally. The child grows to a height of about 2 inches per year. The treatment with external administration of hormonal injection takes place in such a fashion. The side effects of growth hormone injections are sometimes met with abnormal growth of liver, heart and lungs. Inappropriate doses often cause inflammation of joint, hardening of arteries causing hypertension and diabetes in children. Read more on human growth hormone facts.

Growth Hormone Injections for

The function of pituitary gland slows down with increasing age. The natural slowdown is often not accepted by many and thereby supplementing the hormone through external agents turns out to be the choice. Growth hormone dose is prescribed as pills (HGH pills), injection, sprays, etc. The hormonal supplements are oft adopted by body builders to increase their muscle mass. Growth hormone injections should actually be injected to people who are truly suffering from growth hormone deficiencies and not merely due to age factors. They are also administered to undergoing muscle waste due to HIV/AIDS. Synthetic growth hormone injections are given either as subcutaneous or intravenous form. The dosage should be strictly determined by doctors. The possible signs of growth hormone deficiency in are, less bone and muscle strength, low energy, fatigue, exhaustion, depression, abnormal cholesterol and lipid levels. The injections overcome these health disorders and cause increase in bone density and muscle mass. The effects are more pronounced on body builders, as the capacity of their body to exercise increases.

However, HGH side effects will definitely become evident if one injects them merely for the shake of building muscles without prior advice from doctors. Inappropriate dosage causes swelling of legs and arms due to retention of water by the body. Pain in joint similar to arthritis is experienced by both men and women. In women, the hormonal supplements interfere with development of breast, menstrual cycle and reproductive system disorders. It also causes enlargement of breast tissues in males. People who frequently take HGH supplements to increase body mass, might suffer from diabetes in the long run. HGH therapy for a prolonged period gives rise to health complications like kidney disorders, obesity and coronary problems. Thus, one should consider all the pros and cons before taking resort to any kind of hormonal supplements.

GENOTROPIN is widely used all over the world in the form of injection. One must seek correct medical advice from doctors before administering growth hormone injections. Hormone therapy is a complicated issue and needs extreme precision while injecting it.
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Growth Hormone Injections
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