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 Does HGH Really Work?

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The human growth hormone or HGH is a chemical which plays an important role in the development of our body. Pituitary gland secretes this hormone which carries out many different functions including that of calcium retention. The other functions of this growth hormone are protein synthesis, regulation of homeostasis, reducing the uptake of glucose by liver, immune system stimulation, promoting the process of lipolysis, etc. The secretion of this hormone naturally, continues till the age of 22 years after which it slowly drops down. The effects of low HGH levels include drowsiness, lack of enthusiasm in day-to-day life, aging signs like sagging of skin, etc. To overcome these problems HGH supplements are prescribed by medical practitioners.

HGH Supplements: Do They Work?

The intake of HGH supplements works for patients who need to overcome the health problem associated with aging. However, it must be noted that the use of this hormone by athletes for enhancing the performance is banned. Let us understand how does HGH work from the information presented in paragraphs below.

HGH Supplements
The HGH supplements are prescription medications used for the treatment of health problems in as well as children. HGH injections, oral sprays and tablets are the different media of delivering this hormone. The facts about what is HGH used for and its effects are presented below.

Effects of HGH Supplements
Some of the benefits that HGH supplements can offer are a matter of debate. For example, the topic of muscle mass development with HGH is one such issue. According to some of the researchers, HGH supplements lead to the build up of insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) in the body. The IGFs acts as stimulants in protein synthesis and thereby, muscle development takes place. The argument against this claim is that no such effect has been observed in young and healthy . In fact, the role of HGH supplements is said to be much like placebo medications, at least in the area of muscle development. Repair of tissues of muscles and resisting injury are amongst the important benefits offered by HGH supplements. This hormone help in building connective tissues and therefore, proves to be help in tissue repair.

HGH Side Effects
Since, the HGH supplements are taken under the guidance of medical practitioners, the event of the body getting affected by human growth hormone (HGH) side effects should not arise. However, it is better to have the know-how of side-effects produced by HGH supplements if taken in excess.

* The overdose of HGH can result into a problem of acromegaly. In this medical condition, excessive growth of facial bones take place. Similarly, an unbalanced growth of connective tissue also takes place, the patient may even die prematurely.
* Excess HGH levels in the body cause damage to the thyroid and liver.
* Blood sugar levels are lowered if there is excess intake of HGH supplements. The lower levels of sugar in blood can also result into a condition called diabetic coma (extreme degree of diabetic hypoglycemia).
* Enlargement of heart is one of the side-effects of HGH intake. This enlargement cannot be reversed and results from a prolonged use of this hormone.
* Overdose of HGH supplements can result into excessive growth of hair over the body.

The facts presented above should clear doubts like how effective is HGH, does HGH work, etc. As stated earlier, intake of HGH should be under the guidance of doctors. Any alteration in the doses of HGH supplements taken on you own may result in harmful consequences in the form of side effects presented above. Otherwise, the use of HGH should prove to be extremely helpful for people showing signs of aging, lack of enthusiasm, etc. It is an important medication used in maintaining the vigor and energy needed for leading a healthy life.
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Does HGH Really Work?
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