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 What is HGH Used for

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HGH is the acronym for human growth hormone; also known as somatropin. As the name suggests, it is associated with the growing process of the body. It is naturally produced by the body, manufactured in the pituitary gland of the brain. However, it can also be obtained from various food sources. Experts say that post 30 years of age, the level of HGH in the body drops. In every 10 years, there is a decline of 14% in the level. So, more the level drops, the rapid would be the aging process. That is why, if the HGH levels can be increased in the body, then some of the age-related signs could actually be reversed, or at least slowed down. So some of the purported benefits of doing this would be slowing down of processes such as appearance of wrinkles, loss of lean muscle, loss of bone density, low libido, and weight gain. So being aware of what is HGH used for, would help you decide if its worth trying the product. Prior to that let us try to understand what exactly is HGH

What is HGH Made of ?

This substance is a protein that is made out of amino acids thus, known as the peptide hormone. This protein is however different in nature than other proteins, which are made up of smaller proteins, and bonded together. HGH, on the other hand, is manufactured as one long chain. It may consist of about 200 amino acids.

Uses of HGH

HGH is administered in the form of injections. In children, the product is used to treat growth problems or disorders like stunted growth or dwarfism. People who have undergone treatment procedures like radiation to treat cancer, or any kind of brain surgery, may suffer from impaired production of HGH. Such people may benefit by the use of artificial HGH shots.

Patient of HIV/AIDS suffer from a condition known as wasting of muscles. So, to slow down this damage, even they are treated with HGH. It helps the patients to grow muscle mass. Apart from this, this hormone also helps in healing wounds acquired from burns and injuries.

Continuing this article about what is HGH used for, Prader-Willi syndrome is a rare medical condition present at birth. It is characterized by a number of problems associated with the physical, mental and behavioral aspects of children and . One of the major complications of this disease is constant hunger. The affected individuals become highly susceptible to develop obesity. It has been reported that use of HGH actually helps such people. The hormone stimulates growth, and boosts the body's metabolism, which converts food into energy. When used in kids, it has been reported that, it helps in growth and in reducing body fat.

Turner's syndrome is a medical condition which is only typical to girls and women. It occurs as a consequence of a missing sex chromosome, or one that is incomplete. Complications include, short stature, fertility problems, heart disorders, and cognitive impairments. HGH is again, known to be as one of the treatment methods of this grave health concern. The administration of this hormone is a part of the hormone therapy which addresses the problems of short height. It is used in small measured shots several times a week. HGH is also used for helping the heart to contract better, improve enthusiasm, and raise levels of exercising capability.

What About Side Effects?

Now you know what HGH is used for, and what it is made of. But are there any side effects? The commonly observed HGH side effects include:

* Inflammation of the skin of the limbs
* Headaches
* Arteries may toughen
* Hypertension
* Muscle pain may increase
* Symptoms that mimic carpal tunnel syndrome may set in
* Acromegaly
* Overdose may cause excessive hair growth
* Diabetic coma may be caused as a result of a severe drop in blood sugar levels due to the hormone use
* Damage to the thyroid glands
* Edema
* Damage to the liver
* Long term use causes increase in the size of the heart

And this is where I would like to put a period in my article, on what is HGH used for. Hope the explanation was able to take you to the right and the required answer. Take care!
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What is HGH Used for
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