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 Effects of HGH on Men

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Effects of HGH on Men   23/08/11, 07:29 am

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The human growth hormone or HGH is a chemical released by the pituitary gland which plays an important role in the overall development of our body. However, both excess and low secretion of HGH has negative effects on our body. The positive as well as negative impact of HGH on our body should be understood in detail. Let us therefore, find about how HGH affects our body through information presented below.

HGH Effects On Men

Stimulating the growth and multiplication of body cells is the primary function of human growth hormone i.e. HGH. The production of HGH in body increases till the age of 25-30 years. Level of HGH production in the body starts decreasing after this age. Sometimes, the HGH is not produced in enough quantity. If the HGH is not produced adequately, it results into muscle wasting and many other side-effects. Similarly, over-production of HGH too has harmful effects on the body. Let us start with the positive effects of this hormone on our body.

Positive Effects of HGH On Men
The secretion of HGH in adequate amounts is beneficial for the development of body. It has many positive effects on men. Let us have a look at the benefits i.e. positive HGH effects on men through following points.

* The most important and beneficial effect of HGH on our body is that of burning excess fat and glucose. The process of burning excess glucose and fats helps in making a person energetic.
* HGH plays an important role in reducing the belly fat. Accumulation of fat in the belly region can lead to a variety of health ailments and especially cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, the human growth hormone is not just important from the point of body growth, but also the prevention of certain illness.
* The human growth hormone has a positive effect on the process of strengthening bones. This hormone helps increase the density of bones. Those men with strong bones are less susceptible to fractures.
* Increase in density and thereby, strength of bones has a positive effect on the health of ligaments and tendons as well. The occurrence of injuries and fractures lowers as a result of improvement in health of tendons and ligaments.
* HGH is a chemical which helps in relieving sleeping disorders. A good sleep without intermittent disturbances can be experienced if the body secretes HGH in adequate amounts.
* Secretion of HGH in proper amounts also leads to increase in stamina. The body stamina increases as a result of improvement in functioning of lungs.
* HGH is responsible for faster recovery from wounds. Healing process is accelerated as a result of secretion of this hormone.

Side Effects of HGH On Men
The effects of HGH on our body can be positive as well as negative. Let us find about the human growth hormone (HGH) side effects through following points.

* Acromegaly is a condition which results from excess HGH secretion. Distortion of facial bones and enlargement of limbs are the effects of acromegaly. A tumor called adenoma that develops in pituitary glands is responsible for over secretion of HGH.
* One of the side effects of HGH is that it can lead to development of problems like hypoglycemia.
* The secretion of HGH in excess can also have negative effect on cardiovascular system. Enlargement of heart and rise in blood pressure are the major side-effects which harm the cardiovascular system.
* One of the side-effects of excess HGH secretion is that muscles become swollen. Joint pain is an associated problem observed along with swelling of muscles.

The HGH is the most important hormone in our body since, it influences development and allows smooth working bodily functions. The positive and negative effects of HGH on our body explained in this article should prove to be useful for readers.
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Effects of HGH on Men
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