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 HGH Side Effects on Teenagers

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: HGH Side Effects on Teenagers   23/08/11, 07:29 am

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HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is called the controlling hormone of the body. The Human Growth Hormones are produced in the pituitary gland of the brain. These naturally occurring protein hormones are very important for normal human growth and development, especially in children and teenagers. Inadequate levels of HGH in the human body can lead to many health disorders like dwarfism, abnormal growth of various body parts and a weak immune system. With the help of advancements of technology medical science has been able to invent synthetic HGH medications for people who have low HGH levels in the body. This artificial medication is very popular among kids and teens but before you opt to take it, it's advised that you consider the following HGH side effects.

Negative Side Effects of the Human Growth Hormone

Earlier doctors used to prescribe HGH only to people who faced conditions when the body produced less HGH, but nowadays even normal people have started taking it. Teens buy the maximum HGH medications. This artificial product is an easy way to gain extra muscle, help in weight loss, and also acts as a catalyst in getting a lean body. There are many people, especially former bodybuilders and athletes, who try to educate the young generation about the side effects of HGH when used in excess, but teens still take it. This article is an honest attempt to make sure the young crowd understands the Human Growth Hormone side effects on the body.

* Injecting HGH in the body can cause painful swelling of the hands, legs, arms, chest and the feet.
* Another disadvantage of taking HGH is discomfort in musculoskeletal area with muscle and joint pain and stiffness in the hands and feet.
* Some people experience an abnormal growth in facial hair while some suffer from baldness.
* HGH supplements are one of the main causes of hormonal imbalance thus leading to infertility, high blood pressure, stroke, tumors and a range of cardiovascular diseases.
* It has also been seen that HGH supplements cause breast enlargement in men. According to research by a leading medical university, it was observed that men who constantly take HGH have a high risk of suffering from an increased frequency of carpal tunnel syndrome or breast enlargement.
* There are high chances that you may develop a facial rash if you have been using HGH supplements for a long time. An increase in the size of facial muscles has also been seen which makes you face looks big and heavy.
* There's no doubt that Human Growth Hormones increases muscle mass by increasing muscles but it's also one of the main causes of water retention. Such high fluid retention can cause a feeling of bloating known as edema.
* People consuming these Human Growth Hormones are at a higher risk of suffering from diabetes. Studies show that HGH increases insulin levels in the body, yet reducing glucose consumption in the body, resulting in formation of glucose in the liver which boasts a high risk of diabetes.

If you are using synthetic HGH it's important to know the normal levels that should be taken. You should be educated about normal HGH levels so that you don't overdose; consult your doctor regarding the normal levels of HGH for your body. For people who are suffering from low levels of HGH, they can definitely take larger doses of HGH because it helps increase the Human Growth Hormone levels in the body with minimum side effects. But people who have normal levels of HGH in their body are obviously at a greater risk of HGH side effects.
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HGH Side Effects on Teenagers
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