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 Human Growth Hormone and Bodybuilding

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The human growth hormone is essential for development of our body. This hormone is secreted by the pituitary glands and brings about many different changes in the body. Increase in height, development of muscles and immune system stimulation are the important functions of this hormone. Protein synthesis which brings about muscle development is the most important function of this chemical. Let us understand how the human growth hormone and bodybuilding are related to each other. Understanding what is HGH used for in detail before getting into the facts of bodybuilding should be useful.

Bodybuilding and Human Growth Hormone

Secretion of human growth hormone by the pituitary gland leads to regeneration and growth of cells in human beings. Somatotrophs (cells) of the pituitary gland secrete this hormone. Human growth hormone is a single-chain, 191-amino acid polypeptide naturally produced in animals. Since the human growth hormone plays an important role in protein synthesis, it is of great importance from the point of view of bodybuilders.

Normal Body Growth
The production of new cells in our body stops few years after puberty. It means that only the already present cells in the body undergo wear and tear and the newer ones replace them. Growth of muscles attained by the body doesn't change after a certain period of time. So what is the reason behind this decline or complete stoppage of muscle growth. It is the reduction in natural human growth hormone levels which causes this kind of decline in the rate of growth of muscles. This normal pattern of muscle development becomes a hurdle if a person is interested in bodybuilding. The human growth hormone supplements come into play if a person wants to bring about the muscle growth through bodybuilding. Generally the human growth hormone (HGH) therapy is generally used for children and older people suffering from deficiency of this hormone. Let us understand the relation of human growth hormone and body building through following paragraphs.

Use of HGH and Bodybuilding
The different facts which explain the relation between human growth hormone and fat loss and bodybuilding are presented below. The process of bodybuilding involves growth of muscles as well as reduction of body fat. A person feels enthusiastic and energetic with rise in human growth hormone levels of the body. It helps in burning body fat, which means that human growth hormone and weight loss are closely related. The only kind of weight gain which results from the use of HGH is due to growth of lean muscles. Let us find few more benefits that result from HGH through points mentioned below. Before getting into the details of benefits of HGH in bodybuilding, one should keep in mind that this hormone is banned from usage by sport persons.

* The recovery time is an important factor which influences the process of bodybuilding. It is the resting phase or time needed for muscles to grow after a particular workout. HGH supplements help in reducing the recovery time after workouts; it means that muscles regrow at a faster rate.
* The damaged tissues of muscles get healed quickly with the help of HGH. Joints and ligaments in the body are also strengthened by the presence of HGH.
* Process of protein synthesis in the body receives a boost by the use of HGH. Level of anabolic steroids in our body also increase due to HGH.
* The ability to exercise is increased in people due to HGH intake; it has also been observed that use of HGH gives a feeling of strength.
* Increase in cardiac output is one of the important benefits of HGH usage. The efficiency of oxygen consumption too is increased to a great extent. All these factors together contribute in the process of bodybuilding.

Side-effects of HGH
The intake of HGH in right quantities is beneficial for the body. However, it can result into side-effects if not taken in proper amount. The HGH supplements are therefore, known as prescription medications which cannot be used without the permission of doctors. Let us have a look at the side-effects which result from excessive intake of HGH.

* Acromegaly is a condition which results from the overdose of HGH. In acromegaly, overgrowth of connective tissue and facial bones takes place. Abnormal hand and feet growth also is observed in this condition; the body gets covered with excessive growth of hair.
* Damage to thyroid gland and liver is caused by the overdose of HGH.

Relation between human growth hormone and bodybuilding is explained through different facts presented in the article above. Proper amount of HGH intake under the guidance of medical practitioners should give the desired results. Overdose of this hormone however, results into side-effects.
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Human Growth Hormone and Bodybuilding
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