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 High Diastolic Blood Pressure

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The circulating blood exerts pressure on the walls of the blood vessels. This pressure is known as blood pressure that varies between the systolic (maximum) and the diastolic (minimum) beat. The instrument used to measure blood pressure is sphygmomanometer. Blood pressure reading is in the from of a fraction (e.g. 140/90), where the denominator and the numerator stands for diastolic and systolic pressure, respectively. Diastolic pressure when rises above 90 indicates health problems and similar is the case for increase in systolic pressure more than 140. In this article we shall deal with the symptoms, causes and the probable treatment for high diastolic blood pressure.

High Diastolic Blood Pressure: Causes

Our heart relaxes to allow blood to flow into the heart. The measurement of this beat is the diastolic pressure. Blood pressure in between muscle contractions sometimes exceeds normal value which indicates underlying heart disorders. Causes of high diastolic blood pressure can be attributed to aging as well. With increase in age of the heart, its muscles become weak and stiffened, lowering the amount of inflow of blood to the heart. Thus, the reading goes high for diastolic beats. A recent study has shown that people below the age of 60-75 are more likely to suffer from high diastolic pressure, caused due to hypertension and elevated stress level. Get more info on diastolic hypertension. Diastolic pressure rises on regular intake of high sodium diet. Regular consumption of cholesterol and saturated fats increase diastolic heart beat. Apart from this, a person's lifestyle plays a significant role in controlling high blood pressure. High diastolic pressure is the result of excessive drinking and smoking. Medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, kidney disorders, viral infections and prior cardiac surgery also increases the reading of diastolic pressure. The following paras shall elaborate on the signs and symptoms of high diastolic pressure.

High Diastolic Blood Pressure: Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of high blood pressure become evident when systolic and diastolic readings increase as a whole. Individuals with high diastolic readings suffer from health hazards that range from mild to severe. Headache, low energy, fatigue, drowsiness, confusion, nausea, shortness of breath, blurred vision, dizziness and restlessness are symptoms of high blood pressure. Chances of getting heart attacks, pericardial diseases, coronary heart disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and aortic stenosis increase. High blood pressure symptoms are also associated with pain in heart, left arm pain, respiration troubles and frequent urination. High diastolic blood pressure during pregnancy is harmful for fetal development. It reduces blood flow through the placenta reducing adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients required for its development. High blood pressure during pregnancy might also cause preeclampsia that can be fatal to the baby.

High Diastolic Blood Pressure: Treatment

The dangers of high blood pressure can be controlled with proper medication and diet at the initial stage. If a person is diagnosed with high blood pressure, he should immediately take the precautionary measures. The medical treatments will be determined by doctors. There are ample medications and pills to lower diastolic blood pressure. Taking the pills regularly brings down the elevated reading. A person suffering from high blood pressure should survive on a healthy diet that excludes harmful substances like cigarettes, alcohol, cholesterol and saturated fats. So check out the high blood pressure diet plan. Mild physical exercises control the normal heart rate in every individual. One can also join stress management sessions conducted by therapists that are quite effective to control tension and mental fatigue.

A treatment for high blood pressure will be effective only if it's followed religiously. The symptoms of high diastolic blood pressure mentioned above, if experienced regularly should never be neglected and a thorough check up is the wisest thing one can do to get the underlying reason detected.
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High Diastolic Blood Pressure
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