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 Brain Hemorrhage - A General Overview

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Brain Hemorrhage - A General Overview   22/08/11, 09:35 am

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Brain Hemorrhage is a condition caused due to a sudden stroke to a person after blood leaks out from the blood vessels in the brain. This situation occurs due to the break in the wall of blood vessel, the blood spills out of the blood vessel and enters the area where vital tissues and cells of brain reside, killing those tissues and cells; this causes the patient to become seriously ill and needs immediate medication/treatment.

People having condition of brain vessels with a heavy bulge wherein the walls of the vessel are under extra pressure, those who inherit weak blood vessels (and weak joins between blood vessels), and those who carry a mutated Cystetic C gene or Vascular Malfunction need to be extra careful as they are in the red zone of brain hemorrhage condition.

Although in many cases Brain Hemorrhage occurs just in a flash without a warning, some symptoms are considered to be warning bells for the condition and you should look out for the qualified common symptoms. A sudden and very intense headache, vomiting/nausea are most common symptoms of Brain Hemorrhage. If sometimes you experience that your body parts are not responding to your will i.e. if you feel paralyzed or in other words if you feel sudden numbness in body organs (this may be a momentary condition), then you should consult your physician at the earliest. Sometimes, the leakage of blood starts very slowly and very small quantity of blood spills out of the vessel in the sensitive area of the brain, because of which the patient do not get a severe stroke but he/she may start loosing his/her consciousness or may feel dizzy.

People who work under pressure, those who have a family history of Brain Hemorrhage or weak blood vessels, people with mutation in Cystetic genes, those who have high blood pressure and people who often drink or smoke come under the group of those who can get a Brain Hemorrhage. A research also has shown results wherein if a person uses anticoagulant therapy, his/her chances of getting Brain Hemorrhage increases. Conditions such as aneurysm, some type of brain tumors, improper use of drugs, formation of some substances in the blood vessels which are carried along with blood to the brain, brain functional malformation etc. are prime causes of Brain Hemorrhage.

There are series of tests used to diagnose a condition which can lead to Brain Hemorrhage. A CT (Computerized Tomography) or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan is used to get images of the brain part to find out where the condition can/has occur/occured; a test called Lumbar puncture, Angiography etc. also some tests used in diagnosis of Brain Hemorrhage.

The treatment of Brain Hemorrhage depends on its location and severity so does the success of any surgery. There are few treatments available for Brain Hemorrhage such as Diagnostic Radiology, Interventional Radiology and Microsurgical Techniques and proper treatment is selected depending upon the type of Brain Hemorrhage. In most cases, surgery is employed in order to remove the spilt blood and stitch the artery to stop the blood leakage. In treating the Brain Hemorrhage by surgery has its own pros and cons wherein the patient can successfully come out of the deadly situation or he/she may loose life or it may happen that the patient might have to give up on functionality of his/her body organ(s) as an after-effect of the stroke (After all it depends on Luck, Doctor and Severity of BH).

As Brain Hemorrhage causes a severe stroke to the patient, recovery of the patient carries many possibilities, some patients resume their normal life after treatments (which can be a long or short term treatment depending upon therapy used) and on the other hand some patients have to loose the functionality of the organ which was affected by the stroke
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Brain Hemorrhage - A General Overview
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