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 Fat Burning Exercises for Women at Home

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If you are working from home, or stay-at-home mum and have put on weight, then forming a workout plan using fat burning exercise for women at home, you can get rid of the excess fat. So, what are the best fat burning exercises? The best fat burning exercises, are cardiovascular exercises, as these exercises are full body workout, and help to reduce weight from the complete body. Also, these exercise when combined with some strength training, can greatly help you maintain a well toned attractive body. So, without further ado, here are some of the 3 best and free fat burning exercises for women at home, along with some other good exercises.

Best Fat Burning Exercises for Women at Home

Exercise #1: Jump Rope Workout
Did you know that a session of jump rope workout helps to burn more calories than running? Yes, that right. Jump rope workout is the best workout to perform at home, and is the best fat burning exercises for women at Home. All you need is a jump rope, some clear floor space, and you are good to go. Skipping with a jump rope in the beginning will be difficult, but with a bit of practice you will become skilled at skipping, and can workout for longer. Jump rope workout of mere 12 minutes can help to burn 200 calories, so use this workout for burning fat.

Exercise #2: Swimming
If you can't afford to do a high impact workout like running or skipping, and if you have a pool in your home, then this is the best workout for you. Swimming is a great workout that utilizes all your muscles of the body. Swimming is not just a great workout to lose weight but also it helps to tone up the muscles, and improve flexibility. Half an hour session of breast stroke swimming alone can burn 270 calories. This exercise also boosts your metabolism, thus helping in further weight loss.

Exercise #3: Running
This another excellent aerobic workout, and you can perform it indoors on a treadmill, or do it outdoors by doing rounds around the house. Both have benefits, if you are running indoors, then you can control your workout, and increase and decrease the incline to make the workout more intense. By running outdoors, you can enjoy the weather and free air. Whichever, way you start running workout, it is very important that you wear good sports shoes to prevent any injury. A running session of 20 minutes can help you burn 90 calories. These were the three best fat burning exercises for women at home, here are some other good workouts you can do at home.

Exercise #4: Boxing
If you want a high intensity full body workout, that helps you tone up fast, then boxing is a great workout. However, you need to use the right technique and gear while boxing, otherwise you can injure yourself. So, it is better if you hire a trainer to learn boxing.

Exercise #5: Step Aerobics
These are also good fat burning exercises at home, all you need is a stepping platform. You can burn lot of calories with step aerobics, however it can put a lot of pressure on your knees. A session of half an hour of step aerobics can help you burn around 400 calories.

Exercise #6: Dancing
A simple to do and fun aerobic exercise at home, to lose weight is dancing. Dancing is fun and to use it for losing weight, a specific form of dancing is not required, as long as you are moving fast. So, put on high beat music and dance at a fast weight, and you can lose weight.

These were the fat burning exercises for women at home. Make sure you do a warm up session of mild jogging for 10 minutes, and then follow any of the above workouts to lose weight. Apart from exercising, following a balanced diet will also help in faster weight loss.
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Fat Burning Exercises for Women at Home
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