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 Fat Burning Exercises for Teenagers

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Unhealthy lifestyles, irregular eating times, consumption of processed and junk food, late sleeping hours, no exercise - these are some of the culprits that are responsible for the growing instances of obesity in the youth. This phenomenon has been on the rise among teenagers because most of them have discarded physical activity and chosen to switch over to video games, TV and other inactive activities instead. Thus, the increase of fat and a whole other set of problems that come with it. What needs to be done is that the teens need to get back into the physical activity circuit and that is what the following article on fat burning exercises for teenagers will deal with. Go through the same for some ideas on fat burning exercises for this age group.

Fat Burning Workouts for Teenagers

Many a times, teenagers want to know how to lose fat from a particular problem area that they tend to put weight on. While there are specific fat burning exercises for certain body parts, it is necessary to understand that overall reduction of fat from the body is more beneficial and a much healthier way of looking at things. Here are a few fat burning exercises for teenagers that you can look into.

Cardiovascular Exercises
Cardiovascular exercises are taken as the ultimate workout to burn fat and lead to weight loss. These exercises get the heart pumping and increase the flow of blood circulation throughout the body. They increase the heart rate and thereby burn the excess fat from the body. What are the kind of cardiovascular exercises that you could do? This really depends on your personal choice. Many teenagers join health clubs and work with varied exercise equipments as a form of this exercise. While others prefer to indulge in certain other activities like these:

* Walking exercise - Simple walking exercises are just as effective for weight loss. You can try and include walking wherever it is possible to. Like walking to school instead of taking the bus or getting down one stop prior and walking the rest. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
* Swimming - One of the most effective fat burning exercises to try out. It makes you use every muscle in your body and thereby reaches all the body parts effectively well.
* Dancing - At a class or simply with music strung into your ears in front of the mirror. All that jumping around and moving about will burn those layers of fat away.
* Cycling - Another fun way of going about weight loss. This one does not merely target the legs and calves, but has beneficial effects on the entire body.
* Running and jogging - Gives the same advantage as that of walking by increasing the metabolism in the body.
* Physical sports - Any physical sports that increase the heart rate and lead to calorie burning.
* Climbing stairs - Increases the heart rate and causes the heart to pump more blood.

Strength Training
Strength training exercises help one to convert body fat to muscle mass as well as in increasing the metabolism and strengthening the bones. This is achieved by doing a number of exercises that include:

* Lifting weights
* Push ups
* Squats
* Crunches
* Lunges
* Pull ups

Aerobic Exercises
Aerobic exercises are another very popular and effective method of burning fat and calories. Along with that, it has the added advantage of improving ones stamina and overall physical fitness. Join an aerobics class or start doing other forms of aerobic exercises like joining a spinning class or water aerobics to get the desired benefits.

Abdominal Exercises
Why abdominal exercises? Because the abdominal muscles are one of the most important group in the core muscles. Working on these will increase the core muscle strength and lead to fat burning. These would include varied exercise forms like crunches, side crunches, exercise ball workouts and others.

These are some of the best fat burning exercises for teenagers that you can use to get rid of the excess fat. Make exercising a lifestyle and a way of life and there will be no need to burn fat as there will be no fat in the first place.
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Fat Burning Exercises for Teenagers
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