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 How to Stop Overeating

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You eat when you are happy and you also eat when you are feeling low. Food seems like the most obvious distraction from the daily woes. Most of us have almost lost our ability to tell when we are hungry and when we are content. Overeating has become a phenomenal problem. Needless to say, all those calories that you unnecessarily intake, manifest into pounds of fat and get stored around your belly. Although, the causes of overeating are myriad, the binging pattern is the same. If you seriously suffer from the problem of compulsive overeating disorder and wish to know about how to control overeating, then this article is for you. Given below are some tips on how to stop overeating.

How to Stop Overeating: Tips

Know When to Stop
The temptation or craving for food often urges you to eat more than required. You fail to notice the signals that your stomach send to indicate that it is full. Normally, it takes about 12 minutes for the brain to receive the signals of food satisfaction. However, in obese person, this time is about 20 minutes. As a result, you keep on gorging even when your stomach has long before attained its capacity. The feeling of stuffiness in your stomach is very uncomfortable. However, if you keep on hogging, you eventually become used to this feeling. Hence, it is important to know when your stomach has reached its capacity.

Eat Slowly
When you eat rapidly, you clear up your plate within a few minutes, only to be replenished again. You don't realize the amount of food that you consume within short duration. Hence, you must always eat slowly and chew your food properly. Eating slowly helps you to realize when you are content with your food. Also, properly chewing the food results in better digestion.

Do Not Get Distracted
Eating while watching television or driving does not allow you to focus solely on your food. As a result, you don't realize the amount of food that you are stuffing your stomach with. Similarly, do not use food as a distraction while staying up at night or while working at a computer. When you eat, you need to concentrate on your food alone. Not only does it help in cutting down on your excess intake, but also results in better assimilation of food. If you want to know how to stop overeating at night or any other time in the day, then reading this article on suppress hunger might help you.

Drink Water
Often, your body fails to distinguish between the signals of thirst and hunger pangs. As a result, you are likely to take thirst signals for hunger pangs and eat immodestly. Hence, it is necessary to regularly drink water, so that you keep your body well hydrated which prevents it form sending mixed signals. Drinking sips of water between meals is a great solution, if you want to know 'how to stop overeating at dinner.'

Choose the Right Food
This is your ultimate solution to overeating. You are less likely to face health hazards due to overeating carrot sticks than due to overeating potato chips. Hence, whenever you feel an irresistible urge to eat, you may try switching to healthier versions of food. This is particularly true when your overeating is due to boredom or easy access to food.

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If your overeating is due to some psychological condition, then addressing that issue first can eventually cure the problem of overeating. Treating the cause of overeating is your answer to 'how to stop overeating'.
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How to Stop Overeating
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