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 Why Am I Always Hungry

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Poor appetite, under-eating, overeating, excessive hunger, cravings are some of the common eating disorders. Excessive hunger is called polyphagia or hyperphagia which can be the symptom of many underlying health disorders. If you feel constantly hungry, it is not a healthy sign. If you are embarrassed to ask the question 'why am I always hungry' to your friends, then here is the list of causes of excessive hunger.

Causes of Excessive Hunger

* Stress can lead to excessive eating.
* Boredom is a common cause of excessive eating as people go on eating when they have nothing to do.
* Depression can force you eat more.
* Quitting smoking can make people eat more.
* Certain medications stimulate appetite, so check your medicines too.
* Quitting alcohol can lead to excessive eating. Are these causes enough to answer your question 'why am I always hungry?'
* Sometimes people mistake thirst for hunger pains. If you drink plenty of water or fluids like milk, soups, milkshakes, it can help you avoid cravings.
* Excessive hunger is noticed in case of marijuana intoxication, undiagnosed or poorly controlled diabetes, bipolar disease, hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, Grave's disease, tapeworms, etc.
* Media's influence on eating disorders is the main concern today. You sit in front of the television and the advertisements bombard you with images of sugary and mouth watering food. You tend to eat those foods even though you don't need them.
* Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder wherein people consume large amounts of food and then try to get rid of the extra calories by purging (induced vomiting, misuse of laxatives, etc.) or non purging (fasting, exercising) behaviour. Excessive eating without purging can be called as binge eating disorder.
* Many people reach for junk food when they are angry or sad. This is called emotional eating. I hope you would agree with me that this is the most common cause of overeating. This can be the simple answer for your query, 'why am I always hungry'. I think you may like to read more on how to supress hunger and how to stop emotional eating.
* The question 'why am I always hungry during pregnancy?' has a very simple answer, that it is quite natural to be excessively hungry during pregnancy. You have to feed the baby also. You need about 300 extra calories per day during pregnancy. Check out your diet for additional daily needs for protein, calories, key vitamins and minerals.
* Do you know that if you have a habit of filling yourself to bursting, your brain starts thinking that it has to be that way always. This is the simple answer to the question 'why am I always so hungry after I eat'. So try to enjoy small frequent meals. The eating behaviors of an individual are influenced by serotonin, a naturally occurring chemical in the brain. Serotonin is involved in the regulation of food intake.
* The answer to the question 'why am I always hungry after swimming?' is simple. Any cardiovascular exercises like walking, running, swimming, etc. burn the calories stored in your body. This is the reason why your body demands calories after such exercises. You tend to eat when your body demands calories or when your body is lacking calories. To avoid weight gain, you can drink plenty of water or juices after exercise to offer your body the feeling of satiation.
* Constantly eating low fat foods or zero calorie foods can leave you hungry, always asking for more. Instead of achieving the desired weight loss, your diet may end up in weight gain. The another fact about low fat food is that the glycemic index of carbohydrates without fat is very high, which is responsible for the rapid spike in blood sugar levels and quick conversion of sugar into fat. There is no energy left for the brain or for the body, during this process. The whole process leads to constant hunger and exhaustion. You may check whether this answer is correct for your question 'why am I always hungry and tired'.
* If you enjoy your dinner before seven or if you do not include enough proteins in your meals, you may not have the feeling of satiation. This is the simple answer to the questions 'why am I always hungry at night?' or 'why am I hungry lately?'. Consumption of meat, poultry, fish like tuna or shell fish, eggs, pulses, nuts, seeds, soy products can not leave you hungry all the time. After an early dinner, you may enjoy low fat desserts or milkshakes or fresh fruits also. Eating more whole grains can help you avoid hunger all the time. If nothing works, then consult your doctor as excessive hunger can be symptom of some underlying disease.

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I hope the above article provides you satisfactory answers to your questions, mainly the question,'why am I always hungry'. You may try eating BEFORE you get hungry, then you won't want to binge.
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Why Am I Always Hungry
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