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 Sinus Cancer Symptoms

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What makes sinus cancer different from other types of cancers is that not only is it rarer, but also very difficult to detect in its initial stages. Like any other cancer, sinus cancer also consists of 4 stages, wherein stage 1 is the initial stage, and stage 4 would be the last and final stage. For those who don’t know, sinus cancer is the cancer that originates from the mucosa. Mucosa is the tissue that forms the lining of the sinus. Sinus cancer can be the result of a blockage cavity of the sinus cavity due to bacterial sinus infection. Sinus cancer includes maxillary sinusitis cancer, which is the cancer of the cheek bones under the eyes, ethmoid sinus cancer is the cancer between the nose and eyes, sphenoid sinus cancer is when the bottom of the skull, below the pituitary gland is affected, and the frontal sinus cancer which is the cancer of the area on the forehead, right above the eyes. We shall discuss the sinus cancer symptoms as we proceed with this article. Have a look.

Symptoms of Sinus Cancer

Be it maxillary sinus cancer symptoms, ethmoid sinus cancer symptoms, pyriform sinus cancer (cancer between the airways and food pipe) symptoms or sphenoid sinus cancer symptoms, they all are considerably similar in nature, because they all come under sinus cancer. Have a look at the symptoms mentioned below.

* Nose bleeding
* Pain in the ears
* Pain in tooth
* Bloody cough with mucus
* Decrease in sense of smell
* Sneezing
* Runny nose, which at times is accompanied by pus
* Sinus congestion, which is an obstruction in the nose that keeps on getting worse
* Constant pain behind the nose
* Constant pain in the upper teeth
* Bulging of the nose or cheeks
* Numbness and pain in the cheeks
* A swelling or lump in the neck which can be a result of the cancer spreading the lymph nodes
* Sensitivity of the eyes towards light
* Swelling of the eyelids with blurred or double vision
* Mental condition can be affected due to the spreading of the cancer
* Loss of hearing can also occur due to pressure on the Eustachian tube
* Sinus cancer can also make the upper teeth look awkward. Usually the teeth may become loose and bad breath may also occur
* Swelling in the entire face, specially on the area around the nose and eyes
* Difficulty in swallowing
* Difficulty while turning the head
* Breathing problems
* Ringing sensation in the ears
* Sinus cancer may also spread to other body parts and affect the organs like lungs, bone and liver
* Discharge from the nose with soreness and lumps
* Speech problems
* Numbness in the upper lips
* Swelling in the roof of the mouth
* Bleeding from the upper teeth
* Excessive tearing
* Pressure on the ears

As per research, sinus cancer affects men 1 ½ times more than women and develops between the age of 45-85 years. It is also observed through studies and research that of all the sinus cancer symptoms mentioned above, approximately 60-70% symptoms are diagnosed as maxillary sinus cancer. In 20%-30% cases, the symptoms direct to nasal cavity, the rest 10-15% symptoms occur in ethmoid sinuses and the rest are found in the sphenoid and frontal sinuses.

Sinus Cancer Diagnosis

If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms, it is strictly advisable to get in touch with your health care specialist. The doctor will ask a detailed explanation of your symptoms. Many tests like CT scan, biopsy, MRI, PET scan etc. are advised to diagnose the type of cancer. Once the cancer has been diagnosed, the treatment depends upon the stage of the cancer. If it’s in the initial stage, then cancer can be cured through treatments, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. However, if the cancer is highly developed, then the chances for cure are relatively low.

I hope this article helped you in identifying the sinus cancer symptoms. The sooner the disease is diagnosed, the earlier would be the prevention.
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Sinus Cancer Symptoms
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