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 Iodine Allergy

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Certainly, Iodine is one of the most important minerals required for a holistic mental and physical growth of an individual. It is produced in traces in human body, hence, to meet adequate needs of iodine for our body, we rely on iodine rich foods. While balanced amount of iodine is good for health, iodine overdose through external sources like injection, diet etc., can also lead to several health problems.

In some cases, people encounter problem of iodine allergy. Mostly, it occurs after a person is given an injection containing contrast dyes, in which iodine is added for improving X-ray images. This is why doctors must first perform iodine allergy test and then go for dye tests. Whenever iodine allergy occurs, either there is some external reason (like injections etc.) or there is over dose of iodine in the body.

Iodine Allergy Foods to Avoid
Majority of the people suffering from symptoms of iodine allergy (covered later in this article), believe that they're allergic to iodine because they consume iodine rich foods like shellfish, shrimp etc. However, researchers have proved that there is no connection between iodine allergy and sea foods. Lack of sufficient medical evidence, clinical studies make it difficult to establish concrete interrelation between the allergy and sea foods. The arguments that it is due to eating sea foods is not yet scientifically proved. Just because iodine is found in shrimps and shellfish, it doesn't give us a stand to say that iodine allergy is due to eating these foods. People who're allergic to seafoods must visit a doctor and through skin test, they can explore the possibility of iodine allergy.

Iodine Allergic Reaction Symptoms
Reading about various effects of iodine allergy will help you to know if you're suffering from iodine allergy symptoms. In case you are allergic to iodine, you may observe any one or all of the following symptoms.

* Consuming iodine rich foods may give you nausea or you might feel an urge to vomit. But, since this fact is still not established by clinical studies, consult a doctor who can confirm you the exact reason for iodine allergy, if you are having any.
* Skin itching, rashes and hives on the skin.
* Running nose/irritation, red or watery eyes
* Problems in breathing owing to swelling in throat.
* Sudden asthma attack known as anaphylactic shock leading to increased heartbeat and tightness in throat. If anaphylactic shock is not treated timely, it results in death of the person.
* Lightheadedness, fatigue and weakness are some other conditions for treating someone for iodine allergy.
* For people with thyroid problems generally, it's a serious discomfort if they're allergic to iodine as they can't have thyroid supplements.

Treatment for Iodine Allergy
Treatments for iodine allergy have been devised to deal with allergic symptoms. Firstly, to treat skin rashes, hives etc., antihistamines and oral or topical corticosteroids can be used. These are found in all local medical stores and you can get them easily. Howe ever, if you're unsure about suffering from the allergy and if you should consume these medications or not, it's best is to consult an allergist. Visit a doctor who will perform blood test to determine if the reactions in your body are indeed an IgE (Immunoglobulin E) antibody triggered iodine allergy. In case of difficulty in breathing, one should contact an expert doctor immediately.

Allergies such as iodine allergy are problems that needs early intervention from the person experiencing its symptoms, as that may lead to health threatening stage. Intolerance towards certain sea foods and fish have been grossly misinterpreted to be iodine allergy. The best way to decrease iodine allergy problems is to go for a proper medical check up under the guidance of an expert medical allergist. That can ensure that you're truly aware about your medical condition.
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Iodine Allergy
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