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 Itchy Pimples on Scalp

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Itchy Pimples on Scalp   16/08/11, 06:57 am

Having a scalp full of itchy pimples is not only bad for the health of your hair and scalp but it is even more embarrassing when you have to scratch your head at an important business meeting in front of your clients. Itchy pimples on scalp does not appear overnight. First, some red pimples on scalp develop which obviously are not seen as they are covered by hair. Slowly these red itchy pimples on scalp are transformed into painful pimples on scalp and this is when we start taking them seriously. Even combing hair becomes difficult at such times. If you too are suffering from such a problem then read this article further.

Causes of Pimples on Scalp

According to the experts, the cause of itchy pimples on scalp is still undetermined. But based on various studies and research, dermatologists have been successful to find out some of the conditions that can result in itchy pimples on the scalp. Given below are some of the most common reasons for causing various itchy scalp problems.

Dandruff: Dandruff which is also known as seborrhea is known to cause itchy rash on the scalp. It is one of the most common itchy scalp causes. It makes your scalp flaky that gives a tingling sensation which results in itching. This may cause red, itchy and painful pimples on scalp.

Psoriasis: Patients suffering from scalp psoriasis can also have an itchy scalp. In such patients one can observe the pimples on the scalp and neck. The pimples can also extend towards the ears.

Bacterial Hair Infection: In case of bacterial hair infection, known as folliculitis, the hair follicles are damaged and become weak. This causes hair follicles to get inflamed resulting in itchy bumps on scalp.

Head Lice: Head lice is again a common reason for having itchy scalp pimples. They suck the blood and sometimes cause damage to hair follicles. This can result in painful red itchy scalp.

Skin Diseases: Skin disorders such as scalp ringworm can also affect the scalp adversely, which essentially is a fungal infection of the scalp and hair. Scaly spots and patches of broken hair can be observed on the person suffering from it. You need to consult your doctor in such cases.

Heredity: Sometimes your genes can be responsible for having scalp acne and at such situations you have to consult your family doctors to find out an effective solutions.

How to Get Rid of Pimples on Scalp

In case of mild pimples you can try some itchy scalp remedies on your own. Many times the solution lies in changing the hair products you use. If a particular shampoo provides relief from the itching then you can stick to it until it becomes ineffective and then change to another shampoo or hair product. In many cases this works. If not, read further.

Over the Counter Pimple Solutions: If the itchy pimples on scalp are mild then you can try using some over the counter pimple treatments such as those containing salicylic acid, sulfur, benzoyl peroxide etc. They are known to be one of the effective itchy scalp treatments. All you have to do is shampoo your hair and apply these chemicals only on the pimples and not the entire scalp. They remove the buildup and dirt from the area and also help in killing the bacteria.

Controlling Dandruff: Itchy scalp and dandruff are closely related so if the cause of pimples on the scalp is associated with dandruff then using an effective medicated itchy scalp shampoo for removing the dandruff is essential. But if the itching still persist then you may have to consult your doctor. You can try various home remedies to keep the dandruff in control and prevent the pimples.

Following Scalp Hygiene Regimen: You must keep your scalp clean and free of dirt. For that follow a regular scalp cleaning regimen. In case of lice, use a good medicated shampoo and remove all the lice that may solve your problem. If you suspect a bacterial infection then ask the chemist for a good antibacterial shampoo and try it. You can follow a regular oily or dry scalp home remedies to keep the scalp infections at bay.

These were some of the ways to get rid of itchy pimples on scalp but if all the ways have failed, you must consult your doctor immediately. Your doctor may prescribe you some oral medications along with a cream or lotion to apply topically. As said before, there is no cause for such pimples and hence, it is a challenge to get rid of them. So it is better to maintain good hygiene than feeling sorry later.
By Geeta Dhavale
Online CRM
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Itchy Pimples on Scalp
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